Still in Business

It has been a while since the last post largely because I have been having issues with my API extracts that has stopped my production analytics.  While frustrating, in game activity has not slowed.  As of today my original 1b isk seed investment has transformed into over 12b isk in the corp wallet, market sell orders and excess manufacturing materials.  Add to this over 30 new researched mod and ships BPOs.

Production and invention has moved to a single EC owned by another entity.  I have had some bad luck with my first two shutting down with the owners apparently leaving them.  While this has cost some isk through lost jobs, the corp remains well ahead in saved operating costs.  At some stage, if I continue to expand I’ll need to look at using my own EC but that is a while off by my calculations.

Engineering Complex Transition

Making the move to an Engineering Complex has been something that I have thought about off and on since getting back into production.  When taking a cursory look at EC’s I found it hard getting past the reduction in some of bonuses that I could get out of my POS modules.  In addition to the calculated fuel increase and difficulty I would have in defending my own structure in the event of an attack.

At Fanfest last weekend a slide was shown that made me have a closer look at things and reassess.  I had no idea that pretty much the rest of the industry base had moved – clearly I was overlooking something.


In the system I run my industry out of, there are a number of EC’s that provide all the services plus some.  While time to manufacture, invent and research might be slower and mineral efficiency not as good the advantages of the EC still come out on top.  These being mainly:

  • asset security though the asset safety mechanism which is a major advancement from what I have sitting in my POS;
  • increased convenience in being able to produce everything from the one location including components, mods and ships;
  • increased profit from reduced operating costs by eliminating fuel expenditure.

The last one was what I missed first time around because I was always looking at owning and running my own EC.  At this stage my production does not warrant it and use of another corporation EC offsets the reduced ME in comparison to my POS. So taking all these things into account my move to an EC has begun with the first full production run to begin next week.

What will be interesting to see is how the numbers stack up.  In Q1 2017 I ended up selling 28b isk of Tech 2 items, 13b isk in March alone which well exceeded my monthly target.  Of this total, just under 50% of the value was sold from Amarr which will likely become my primary market hub.



T2 Production Milestone

Last night I accomplished my first minor production milestone since coming back to EVE, which was to manufacture a Tech2 ship.  Now on to the next goal which will be to produce every Caldari (super race) Tech 2 frigate before moving up to Caldari destroyers.  My plan is to focus on Caldari ships for now in parallel with mod production before expanding out to other factions.



My first Tech2 frigate test flight coming off the production line


February Production Results

As forecasted, February production results were below a target of 8bn isk of sales revenue for the month, which to be fair I only set two weeks ago.  This goal was based on January results which I think should be very achievable most months.


While this target was not met it was still a solid month with just under 1bn isk net profit.  This amount was also after a few decent purchases that included skill books, BPOs and freighter insurance.


When looking at the cash flow for the month there was one main flat period due to the war dec, but no real impact to sales caused by Burn Jita.  This was largely because I moved Jita trips to mid week and when the event finally started I moved items in Amarr and Agil.  This ended up accounting for 1bn isk sold that weekend, helping get closer to my target.  I intend on using these markets moving forward so will be interesting to see how the numbers settle.







Good, Bad and the Ugly of High Sec Ganking and War Decs

Since coming back to EVE I have been meaning to write my thoughts on the subject of High Sec Ganking and War Decs so here it is.  If you have stubbled across this post you probably can guess which side of ganking and war decs I am normally on with a name like Eveindustrialist.  Chances are you would think I would be against both ganking and war decs – well as hard as it is for me to type it I’m not.  In a strange kind of way, I think it adds enjoyment to the overall game for the victim.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have never enjoyed losing a ship of any value, let along a freighter full (or empty for that matter) of stuff.  So let me explain where I stand.  Firstly a bit of background about me.  I have been playing EVE on and off for about 10 years.  I would say I am pretty ‘connected’ to what is going on by either reading various forums or keeping an eye on EVE news and events.

Anyway the first half of my time in the game started as a mission runner who would cruise around with 3 or 4 RL friends.  They began to drop out of the game so I looked for something different so joined a pretty average null sec alliance living in Fountain.  I moved there with a character with less than 10M skill points.  I decided that I would try my hand at mining so got straight into it and began making what I thought was decent isk.  I learnt pretty fast about keeping an eye on local and never going afk.  This was my first taste of an enemy being able to alter my play by sitting cloaked in local so I could not “safely” go out and mine.  I would have liked to fight but lacked the skills (real and character to do so haha).

At the time I would say my enjoyment took a hit but thinking about the overall experience of mining, knowing, fearing an enemy player might jump into local or my belt, while watching my lasers cycle as isk filled my hull, I can say it did nothing but add more enjoyment.  The same can be said about my experience mining in high sec with multiple hulks and an orca after introduction of Hulkageddon.


I moved to my industrial role soon after that and it did not take long to experience my first freighter gank.  To be honest I was shocked – I knew I did the wrong thing by autopiloting but I was naïve in thinking that no one would bother shooting an empty freighter.  Mistake number one, the second was that I did not know that during a break from playing CCP added low slots and I had not got around to using them, awful mistake haha.  I look back at that experience and can say I NEVER autopilot any more in anything and I am always flying with a reinforced hull.  I also now accept that ganking is a real possibility every trip and ensure that I carry low value loads so if I am to be ganked I can live with the knowledge it cost them more than me.  After that I had another break from the game before coming back late last year.

Since returning I have had one ship ganked in Jita – leaned a lesson about blockade runners being popped just to see what might be inside and always using docking bookmarks.  I also have jumped into a .5 system at the same time as another freighter only to see it get popped while I warped away – who knows why I survived.  The other thing I have experienced are two high sec war decs.  One lasted a full week the other a couple of days.  No real loss but it stopped my activities for a while.  Oh and Burn Jita no ship loses but no trips to Jita to make isk.

So with all that has happened how can I be having fun?  Simple, these experiences create a fear of loss, which in turn creates excitement.  Every time I jump into a .5 system that I can not avoid in my freighter I hold my breath till I enter warp while knowing there is NOTHING I can do if has been determined that I am going to be the victim :).  Every time I log into EVE my eyes go straight to the notifications to see if I have a war dec.  I’m not afraid of the war dec, but know if I have one I have to get moving to protect my assets.

These are the things that make the game special.  Take these moments out of the game and it loses the essence that differentiates it from almost every other game.  Games that I would never come back to over a 1o year period.


PS Gankers and industry focused / small corp war dec’ers are the biggest carebear pussys in the game.  I might write about that at some point :p

PPS All above aside happy to avoid being ganked for a while and war dec’d 😉

February Slow Down

February has been a disrupted month as will be shown when sales figures are finalised.  At this stage I think production is down by around 50% from January.  While that sounds bad, it’s not as rough as it appears on face value due to the slow down being largely at my own discretion, thanks to having to travel to the other side of the world for work.

That being said, I changed how I normally operate because of the impending Burn Jita reducing output – conducting trips to and from Jita mid week for example, also only doing a market run when I had something of value for the return leg.  I also had another war dec while overseas, so I pulled everything down and stopped for a week.  This was not a bad thing as it gave me a look at the excess materials I’m beginning to acquire which I’ll aim to use next month.  During this war dec I could have produced but decided to minimise risk and focus on market activities.

Small steps towards my first Tech2 ship build continues, with the purchase and research of a number of BPOs as well as the ship assembly array.  I need a few more researched BPOs to get the first test run out the door.  More on that later.  Lastly, I have started selling in Amarr primarily to turn over items I’m producing in high volume to avoid saturating Jita.  I’ll continue this from this point on and see how it help isk flow.

Late January Production Report

Thanks to a trip to the other side of the world my monthly production results report is much later than I had planned.  January though was a good month even when taking a War Dec and ganked transport ship carrying goods to market into account.

As shown below the operating income for the month was 1.6B isk which was achieved through four production runs across the month.


Total value of items sold for the month was 8.02B isk with 1172 individual customers.  The top three items sold by volume were the EM Ward Field II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II and Covert Ops Cloaking Device II.  The top five customers purchased over 120M isk worth of tech 2 products.


From a cost perspective, Ferrogel was the clear standout with Morphite and Phenolic Composites ranking two and three.  A total of 5.93B isk was spent on the materials needed to produce the items manufactured, this includes 3 months worth of POS fuel.


Over 3000 items were sold during January with over half falling into the Shield and Turrets & Bays categories.


Research on blue prints to enable two new tech II items (Heat Sink II and Torpedo Launcher II) was completed. These items entered production in February.